“I wish I could go. ”—Says by Delia, friend of Liz.

Hao is already started his trip this morning. After I set down in the office, he has arrived Hongkong airport, ready to board the plane to visit Japan.

It's a good thing, pretty good. Just, I wish I could go. Same words as Delia, if you have watched "Eat Pray Love," book or movie, it's not hard to understand what I felt, it precisely the same as Delia, including the tears.

After last year I traveled to ES Asia with Hao, I haven't do any trip anymore, even a short trip. God knows how I loved the experience of traveling. Those stranger streets, foods which untaste, people I have never seemed. I am interested all about these…

But I can't go, I got debts needs to pay, a lot of things need to explain to parents, etc.

I do envy Hao, I won't deny this. After we came back home from the ES Asia trip last year, he has changed a lot. He found his boyfriend, he has done his job very well, he upgraded his lifestyle.

Me? I have done nothing, except making myself worse. No job, more debts, fewer friends connecting. Such useless.

Nothing further, just simple write by emotional. Still the same as before.

"I wish I could go."

Maybe I could get the chance to live like Liz, well, perhaps it will never happen. I don't know. Sometimes I had motions, sometimes I just wish this life could end soon.