Annual Review: The Year 2018

You see, there is one another year passed. What happened this year? I almost forgot, a little bit of good, and a lot of bad. Even I want but I can just say I learn no pretty much from those bad thing.
Wei Cheng

Annual Review: The Year 2017

这个博客正是今年开通的,但是整整这一年的时间也基本没有怎么动过,这是比较惭愧的事情了。就这样还想着要买手帐,不过想到了现在这样子的状态,还是放弃吧。如果能坚持了每天都打开 DayOne,每一周都能来上上博客,就可以说是相当不错的了。
Wei Cheng

Coldplay AHFOD Tour in Bangkok

赶上老年团 A Head Full of Dreams 的亚洲场。曾经在微博上嚷嚷着有生之年的我完全没有想到自己真的有机会亲临到现场,甚至触碰到老年团……。
Wei Cheng

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